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Further Information about the programme can be found here.

Places will be allocated prioritising early applications and students within a 100km radius of Maastricht. Terms & Conditions apply.

Young Engineers Day is free to attend. A deposit applies which is fully refundable following attendance of the event.

As soon as you apply you can either pay your deposit by credit card or you will receive an invoice for the 50 euro deposit, if you are not allocated a place, the invoice will be cancelled and/or the payment refunded from our side and you will not need to pay. If you are allocated a place, you will need to have paid the invoice for the 50 euro deposit by 30 May 2019 at the very latest.

If you attend all of the Young Engineers Day event, (including the lectures, Exhibition Tour, Networking Evening and Industry Tour), you will receive a 100 euro reimbursement after the event, this is intended to cover your travel expenses. If you are allocated a place and do not attend the whole event, your deposit will not be refunded and you will receive no travel expense payment.

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By applying for Young Engineers Day 2019 you will receive emails regarding the event. Your details will only be shared with the following third parties:

  • The Young Engineers Day speakers so that they can best tailor their presentations
  • The host company of the industry tour for security reasons
  • The Exhibitors you visit in the Exhibition Tour

Terms & Conditions *

Photographs will be taken during the event by EPMA and may be used future promotional purposes.

There will be a capacity of 50 spaces on this programme

If you are allocated a place you will need to pay a 50 euro deposit to confirm your place by 30 May 2019. If you attend all of the Young Engineers Day Event, including the lectures, Exhibition Tour, Networking Evening and Industry Tour, you will receive 100 euro back after the event, (50 is intended to cover your travel expenses, 50 is deposit returned)

A waiting list will be put in to operation should any cancellations be made after allocation.

Payment Information

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Developing the Future of Powder Metallurgy